Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 2012!

Yes, I know this post is about a month late. But I've got a good excuse- we've been busy as heck getting the new issue up to par. Like we alluded to in the last couple of blog posts, there are some big changes in store for The Ephemeris, and it's taken a lot of effort to be put into motion. Most of the details are still top secret, but we'll share them as soon as possible.

Secondly, we've been getting a lot of mail lately along the lines of "I want to buy Volume X, is it still in stock?" Yes. If the issue is advertised for sale on our site, it means that it is currently in stock. When we run out of copies, we'll put a big "Sold Out" banner on the issue in question. 

Another question we've been getting is "I haven't seen you guys around on the forums lately, are you still in business?" Again, we've been really busy getting the new format streamlined, so we haven't had as much time to frequent our various tobacco forums. But heck yeah, we're still in business! We're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Finally, we wish to address one more semi-frequent question we get. "Why aren't you guys available at my local big box bookstore?" All we can say is... stay tuned.

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