Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey guys, just dropping in to give a status update on the magazine.

I picked up the run from the printer yesterday ready to ship them out to retailers (pre-orders were supposed to ship today) but unfortunately, I had to reschedule shipment. Quite simply, everything was screwed up.

The beautiful glossy paper I ordered was replaced with matte stock. Pages were printed out of order. One page was printed upside down. Pages were off-center. It looked about as professional as a misspelled flyer for a car wash.

I've put in an emergency order with another printer, and it should be ready to ship Monday. I sincerely apologize for the slight delay, but I could not (in good faith) send the magazine out looking like that.

On a positive note, I've learned a lesson: in the world of digital, on-demand printing, you truly get what you pay for. Also, if your printer speaks barely any English, then you're probably in for a real surprise when you pick up your order...

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  1. New start-up growing pains are a fact of life. The fact you can recover so quickly is a tribute to your commitment to quality.