Friday, October 15, 2010

The critics seem to like us so far...

Though we've kept the contents of the first issue under wraps, we have sent out some advance copies of certain articles to reviewers and advertisers. So far, the overwhelming response has been positive. And these aren't just folks that want to tell us nice things to make us feel happy- these are hardcore, masochistic reviewers for militant anti-everything blogs and zines. Every single one of them asked for one thing: more material. Could it be that they've actually found something fun to read? One shudders to think.

Our first issue went up for pre-order late last week, and we have been inundated with orders. To be honest, I didn't quite expect such an amount; I called my printer and decided to double the initial print run, just to meet the demand. If we run out of copies from that run, it is within my contract to strike an "emergency" run to fill orders. After that, no more copies of the first issue. If you want to guarantee a copy of your own, your best bet would be to pre-order soon, before they're all spoken for.

This brings me to another question I was recently asked. Will we sell back issues of The Ephemeris on our website? Yes we will, so long as as we have extra copies laying around. As for subscription services, well, it's not quite as easy to implement as I thought that it might be. Before we start taking people's money a year in advance, we want to make sure we have the right printer. We want to have a long-term relationship with a company that we trust; one that we can count on to go the distance. I sadly do not see this as a possibility with our current printer, so I am hesitant to take advance subscriptions until I know that the books will be ready and shipped out on a timely basis, on schedule. Once we're certain of our printer's capabilities, you can start throwing as much money at us as you want!

Next blog, I'll go into some of the aesthetic details of the magazine.

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