Thursday, February 3, 2011

New issue up for pre-order!

 Finally, our new issue is up for pre-order HERE.

Here's just a partial listing of its contents:

NOT ALL SNUFF IS MADE WITH TOBACCO (Interview with Aaron Young)
SNUS KING (Ljunglöf bio Part Two)
BILL JOHNSON pens a piece on flavored tobacco of the Depression era
NIGEL McCARRON investigates the resurgence of the Snuff Culture
THE PHANTOMS OF SHEFFIELD (Gillian Bromley recounts her ghostly encounters at Top Mill)
THE ‘LEGAL WEED’ INDUSTRY (James Walter examines its impact on American tobacco users)
THE SNUS MOOSE (Award-winning short story by Howard Sivertson)
MICAH RIMEL takes aim with his patented snuff shooting Derringer!
JENNIFER GOLDSMITH shares her trials and tribulations as a Canadian snuffer and snuser
THE NAKED SNUSER: read about the guy who exposes his genitalia when buying snus
SIMON HANDELSMEN kicks off his new column with a retrospective on 18th Century snuffboxes

All of these, plus our regular features and columns, and some awesome surprises! We're still adding pages even now as we're going to press, so there's no telling what may pop up along the way.

Order your copy today!

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